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be more. Campaign for the Clayton Wellness Department

We were given the opportunity to create a new campaign for the Clayton Wellness Department. Clayton Wellness oversees multiple groups and programs that all have their own brand identities. The design needed to be simple enough to be used alongside multiple programs that fell under the umbrella of the Wellness Department as a whole, but (Read the full article…)

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Remodeling at First Century Bank Maryville

First Century Bank is a local bank with a long history. Started in 1894, the bank has flourished in East Tennessee. One of the newest branches is in a newly remodeled building in Maryville. The site on West Broadway was the location for one of our recent projects. Working alongside the bank’s architect, we developed (Read the full article…)

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Frosted vinyl for PYA Analytics

Knoxville’s PYA Analytics does work for the healthcare industry and has to comply with HIPAA standards. Part of their strategy for this involved obscuring the all-glass windows and doors found throughout their office space. We were tasked with creating graphics that were functional and beautiful. One of our designers, created a geometric pattern of multi-colored (Read the full article…)

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Preston Medical Library at UT Medical Center

Last week marked the grand opening of the Health Information Center at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Part of the mission of this library is “…providing patients, family members and the community with valuable¬†information on the latest health news and free research for specific¬†diseases or illnesses.” Working with Heather King, interior designer, we developed (Read the full article…)

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How to use liquid to wet-mount a graphic on glass

In this short video, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on using fluid to aid in installing an adhesive-backed decal or static cling to a glass surface.

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Security vehicle reflective graphics

One of our regular customers added a new vehicle to their campus security force and needed graphics that would officially integrate it into their fleet. We had previously designed the graphics for their fleet, so it was a simple process to bring up the old files, print, and install. We used reflective vinyl on most (Read the full article…)

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Grumpy Cat Paper Art

If you’ve been around the interwebs any time in the last few months, you have probably ran across Grumpy Cat here or there. Grumpy Cat is an adorable little mutt who just happened to be born with an underbite. This makes her face look like she is constantly grumpy or irritated at something. Paper artist (Read the full article…)

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Mission Focus Wall Graphic for Faith Baptist Church

We designed and created this unique wall graphic for Faith Baptist Church in Jefferson City, TN. The background was printed on our popular fabric cling material. This material is easy to install, won’t leave residue, and can be taken down and re-applied many times. The magnifying glass is a 3D element mounted over the graphic. (Read the full article…)

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Wood prints

Our flat-bed UV printer is capable of printing to solid substrates up to 2″ thick. One of the more unique options available to our customers is printing on wood. We’ve had several customers come to us with unique pieces of wood to print on. The example on the left is a plywood with birch laminate. (Read the full article…)

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Box truck wrap for Habitat for Humanity Knoxville

We recently completed this vehicle wrap for Habitat for Humanity of Knoxville. A donor provided a box truck for them to use for transporting large supplies and thrift store items. They wanted to spruce the truck up and make it a rolling billboard for their organization. High Res delivered with an eye-catching design and professional (Read the full article…)

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