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Remodeling at First Century Bank Maryville

First Century Bank is a local bank with a long history. Started in 1894, the bank has flourished in East Tennessee. One of the newest branches is in a newly remodeled building in Maryville. The site on West Broadway was the location for one of our recent projects. Working alongside the bank’s architect, we developed (Read the full article…)

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First Baptist Church Concord

Here at High Resolutions, we do quite a bit of work for some local churches as well as churches across the country that find us on the web. One of the local churches that we work with often is First Baptist Church Concord. Here are just two recent projects that we helped them accomplish.

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Fabric banners for Knoxville First SDA Church

Not all banners are created equal, and not all banners are printed on vinyl. We have materials that are suitable for banners at our disposal that are woven fabric. They are available in different weaves and weights to suit your application. These banners were just produced for Knoxville First SDA Church on Kingston Pike. They (Read the full article…)

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