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A “Key” Decor Graphic

America’s largest homebuilder, Clayton, just introduced a new tagline for their company.  “Have it made.” In launching this new message, we created a one-of-a-kind display for their corporate office that incorporated the new slogan while providing a distinct visual nod to their core business: manufacturing and selling homes. Or, as they put it, “Opening Doors to a better life, one (Read the full article…)

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A Day in the Life of High Resolutions

High Resolutions provides end-to-end solutions for your marketing graphics needs. You will be amazed at our expansive list of products and services. Check out this video for a glimpse of what goes on “behind the scenes” during a typical day inside one of the most thrilling places to work.

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Preston Medical Library at UT Medical Center

Last week marked the grand opening of the Health Information Center at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Part of the mission of this library is “…providing patients, family members and the community with valuable information on the latest health news and free research for specific diseases or illnesses.” Working with Heather King, interior designer, we developed (Read the full article…)

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SwingPerfect tradeshow display

Last year, we printed and installed graphics on the SwingPerfect company’s trade show display. This year, SwingPerfect asked us to modify the graphics, print, and install some new graphics for their hardware. Read on to see their hardware and how it works.

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The new Xerox 770 Digital Color Press

In December, we upgraded our digital printing capabilities with the purchase of a Xerox 770 digital color press. With this, we not only increased our hourly output of pages, but we also increased our finishing capabilities. The Xerox 770 has options that included saddle stitching, folding, and high volume stacking. This can automate many tasks (Read the full article…)

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Banner Stitching

Some of the greatest banner designs can be ruined by the finishings. It’s not to say that the banner is mishandled or that their was a lack of craftsmanship. It’s simply a lack of foresight. As designers and artists, we are compelled to design first. Ask questions later. In an effort to avoid the unexpected, (Read the full article…)

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