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Historic images on the Walnut Street Parking Garage

If you frequent downtown Knoxville, you’re likely familiar with the new Walnut Street parking garage between Locust and Walnut Streets.  If you didn’t know it by that name, you probably just knew it as the garage with a huge blank wall facing south in downtown.  After several months of planning with several parties including the city of (Read the full article…)

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Super-sized banners for Knoxville Museum of Art

This week at the Knoxville Museum of Art, the 2014 Glassfest begins. In preparation for the exhibit, we helped the KMA by producing some 18’x24′ banners. They had new, aluminum frames installed onto the face of their beautiful, contemporary building to accommodate these two banners. The banner on the left will be changed out to (Read the full article…)

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First Baptist Church Concord

Here at High Resolutions, we do quite a bit of work for some local churches as well as churches across the country that find us on the web. One of the local churches that we work with often is First Baptist Church Concord. Here are just two recent projects that we helped them accomplish.

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Pat Summit’s Banner

Last night at a UT Lady Vols basketball game, the university honored their storied previous coach by hoisting a new banner in her honor. The banner features her name, coaching record, and an image of the championship trophy. We were honored to have been given the opportunity to create the banner for Coach Summit. Read (Read the full article…)

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Fabric banners for Knoxville First SDA Church

Not all banners are created equal, and not all banners are printed on vinyl. We have materials that are suitable for banners at our disposal that are woven fabric. They are available in different weaves and weights to suit your application. These banners were just produced for Knoxville First SDA Church on Kingston Pike. They (Read the full article…)

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Banner Stitching

Some of the greatest banner designs can be ruined by the finishings. It’s not to say that the banner is mishandled or that their was a lack of craftsmanship. It’s simply a lack of foresight. As designers and artists, we are compelled to design first. Ask questions later. In an effort to avoid the unexpected, (Read the full article…)

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