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Top Five Pre-press Tips for Designers

Last week, we shared some of the most important pre-press tips for designers. These were culled from the most common issues and pain points that we see come across our desks. Below you’ll find the tips consolidated in one place with a bit more expansion.           1) Double-check spelling and grammar (Read the full article…)

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Banner Stitching

Some of the greatest banner designs can be ruined by the finishings. It’s not to say that the banner is mishandled or that their was a lack of craftsmanship. It’s simply a lack of foresight. As designers and artists, we are compelled to design first. Ask questions later. In an effort to avoid the unexpected, (Read the full article…)

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What Comes First? Width or Height?

I had a conversation with a fellow sign-maker recently that turned into a battle of wits. It was fun. No harm, no foul. We were both trying to convince the other of whether width or height comes first in the world of 2D measurements. Thus, the inspiration for this article. Whether you’re into a building (Read the full article…)

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Optimized File Transfers.

Files can be transfered in many ways. Email: Convenient, but limited when it comes to large file sizes. FTP: Traditional large-file transfer method. HTTP: Web based uploads are becoming the latest. Implementing forms and additional data fields, etc. Regardless of your preference, you have to take care that your files get there in good time (Read the full article…)

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