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Hotel Graphics for The Tennessean Hotel

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Overlooking the World’s Fair Park and across the street from the Sunsphere, The Tennessean Hotel is downtown Knoxville’s new “personal luxury hotel”.  The hotel ownership wanted to incorporate elements throughout the hotel that displayed pride in our region in a modern fashion, and High Resolutions was called on to make that happen. 

Entering the lobby, guests are immediately greeted with a large wall mural installed behind the reception counter. This artwork was chosen for its bright colors and swirls – a design theme that carried through in other elements.

Wall mural behind reception desk

Wall mural behind reception desk

On each floor, hallways contain custom printed, stretched and framed canvases. A wide variety of artwork was selected, featuring both pure abstract art and satellite imagery of the Tennessee River.  The High Res digital design team manipulated each piece of artwork to coordinate the vibrant colors throughout the hotel.

Next, every guest room features a unique floor-to-ceiling custom canvas for each bed. This artwork depicts different sections of the Tennessee River as it winds its way across East Tennessee.  In a collaboration of efforts High Res worked with the owner to research and digitize historical drawings, then add color to turn them into the vibrant images you see here. These were also printed to canvas, stretched, framed and installed.  Since the 8-foot canvases wouldn’t fit through the door, all materials had to be transported and assembled within each hotel room.

Drawing room graphic

Drawing room graphic

In the “Drawing Room” private bar and dining room, hangs a historical drawing of downtown Knoxville, dated 1886. For this special oversized piece, the talented team at High Res designed and fabricated a custom solid wood frame that would fit the 10-foot wide image, and adjusted the colors before printing to match the warm tones of this elegant room.

As the hotels’ grand opening date approached, High Resolutions installed each of these interior graphics while working side-by-side with electricians, painters, furniture installers and other contractors who were all on deadlines to finish on schedule.  But with our team taking care of every part of the process – project management, production, and installation – we were able to accommodate the schedule demands, and finished both on-time and on-budget.

Watch our video below to see more of our work at The Tennessean.

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