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Vintage Gas Pump Ballot Boxes

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One of our customers came to us for ideas to promote a healthy eating campaign called “Fuel” to their employees.¬†They liked the idea of using a vintage fuel pump tower as a ballot box where employees could drop their “fuel bucks” in and be entered into a drawing. We took the challenge on and had a concept and design finalized within two weeks. Within three weeks, we were in production.


Courtesy of GasPumpHobbyist.com

The concept for the pump was modeled after vintage pumps like the one featured here.

The first step was to develop an engineering design for the fuel pump. The goal was to take a concept and turn it into reality on a strict budget.

3D ballot box rendering

3D ballot box rendering


A blank prototype of the engineered design

We designed the fuel pump to fit efficiently on an economic cardboard sheet. After 3D rendering and prototyping on our digital cutting table, we had a functional prototype that we could design art to.

The artwork was designed for production and mocked up in 3D to assist the customer in visualizing the final product.

Final art and engineered design

Final art and engineered design

Final 3D rendering with artwork

Final 3D rendering with artwork

Once the artwork was finalized, production began. White-faced cardboard was printed on our UV printer and cut on our digital cutting table. Our finishings department applied the necessary decals and adhesives for assembly. The shipping department packed all of the parts and instructions into a compact, flat box and shipped the fuel pumps to 55 different locations around the country.

The end-to-end solutions and world-class staff found here at High Resolutions enable us to take on complex projects like this. From conceptualizing to design to engineering, look no further than High Res for your unique projects.

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