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Video work for CSI Protect

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While it’s not a common occurrence here at High Resolutions to get involved in video production, we were able to help one of our regular customers CSI Protect with their video needs recently.

CSI Protect has a parent company based in Europe. That company, SelectaDNA, had already produced a pair of great quality videos that summarized their products nicely. Since their business has now expanded to the United States, CSI Protect wanted their videos to be more representative of American culture and accents.

One of our staff members has a background and side business in video production, and was able to secure a great local voice actor to re-record the script. We worked with the parent company and original production house in Europe to utilize the original script and music-only versions of the video. After recording the new vocal track, we edited the voice over to match the pre-existing video and music. We were able to accomplish this in a very short amount of time so the videos could be online for an important meeting that CSI Protect had scheduled in Nashville. You can watch the two videos embedded below.


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