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Remodeling at First Century Bank Maryville

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First Century Bank in Maryville, TN

First Century Bank in Maryville, TN

First Century Bank is a local bank with a long history. Started in 1894, the bank has flourished in East Tennessee. One of the newest branches is in a newly remodeled building in Maryville. The site on West Broadway was the location for one of our recent projects. Working alongside the bank’s architect, we developed and designed signage for the doors and interior walls using the bank’s colors. Incorporating historic and local photos, we emphasized not only the bank’s long local history, but we also visually placed it in its home just outside of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Double-sided decals are installed on the entrance doors greeting customers with branch hours and sending them out with a “thank you.” The suspended acrylic panels match the shape and form of the corresponding tellers’ desks. Two colorful murals remind customers of the beautiful and historic scenery that accompanies the bank’s location. A combination of colored and frosted vinyls provide a decorative touch to glass walls around the office space.

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