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Logo design and graphics for The Flower Pot

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The Flower Pot's new logo

The Flower Pot’s new logo


Local florist, The Flower Pot, came to us last year wanting a refreshed image for their brand. They asked us to design a logo and begin producing graphics for their storefronts with the new design and color scheme. After giving them a logo that they loved, we began designing a variety of signage and vinyl for their doors, windows, and walls.

We began with their Gay Street location in the heart of downtown Knoxville. There is an exceptional amount of walk-in traffic that gets drawn in by their front window space, but their location often gets overlooked by drivers as the building and current sign are partially obscured by an tree. We replaced a mosaic of flyers and open signs with one, simple vinyl on the front door. Using their new and colorful, flowing logo as a header, we included all the pertinent business information they needed plus answers to some “frequently asked questions.” Since the building is at a 4-way intersection, they wanted to make sure that they were visible for all directions of travel. We put identical metal signs on the outside walls of the building that make their message of work abundantly clear. Adding some subtle etched glass and a custom-shaped hanging sign, finished off the makeover.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Check out The Flower Pot’s awesome selection of arrangements.


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